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Hardy orchids Cypripediums(pdf)

                               New Hardy orchid list and pricing 10-15. 

Updated 8-7-15

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Fri Oct 2 1-7  Sat Oct 3 10-4 2015

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Buy a blooming size plant get $5.00 off another plant or

 ½ cu or larger mix, bark or CHC

Many just repotted using over 50 cuft of mix.

What is new:

Sequoia bark lower prices

Over 2000 new plants

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 Great pricing with direct contact & you pay actual UPS charges

Unlike many we combine shipping of items to give you the lowest price.

Suppliers of orchid mixes, fir bark, New Zealand Bark , coconut husk chips, cork, diatomite, tree fern, grow stone, coir, wire supports, wire hangers. Orchid pots, orchid baskets, granulated charcoal, sponge roc perlite, New Zealand long fiber sphagnum moss, plant lights, fertilizer, pesticides, humidity trays, fungicides, Neem Oil  greenhouse material, Cypripediums, cyp. hybrids & other native orchids

We also welcome all our bonsai,  frog breeders and just plain plant lovers who have found us.

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Greenhouse And store  



We are a family owned business, operated from our home, greenhouse, and storage facilities.  All our media is mixed and packaged by us. Our goal is to provide you with quality supplies and prompt service at a reasonable price.  Realizing that shipping costs are a major expense, we package your order in the manner that will cost the least, without sacrificing the safe and undamaged delivery of the contents.  If your order arrives damaged or is otherwise unsatisfactory, please call us so we can assist you.  If you’d like to pick up an order, or purchase an orchid plant, please call or e-mail us to arrange an appt.  Evenings and weekends are almost always available, unless we are at an orchid show.  If you know that we will be in town for a show, call us and we will bring breakables (clay pots) or large items (2 cu ft. or more) for a delivery charge of 15% to cover the expense of driving a second vehicle.  Hope to meet you in person at an orchid show near you! 

Bring vibrant color and delicate style to any room with live orchids and other flora from Roberts Flower Supply. We supply a myriad of homegrown orchids and orchid growing supplies.

Orchids are beautiful, exotic plants. To support these delicate blossoms, we carry special growing supplies to maintain the specific needs of these exquisite blossoms from their cultural necessities including potting media, fertilizer, and moss as well as their special protective needs in pesticides, fungicides, humidity and light. We test our products on our own flourishing garden of orchids and exotic plants to assure they are equally strong and sensitive, and all of our products are environmentally safe. We also carry a collection of Cypripediums, hardy native orchids from the USA, Asia and Europe. These unusual plants provide unique landscaping opportunities. As they mature, they will multiply and form clusters of amazing beauty. By purchasing and growing them, you will help to save these increasingly rare plants from extinction and loss of habitat.

We stand by all our plants and products and are happy to help with any order. See our plants for sale in Columbia Station, Ohio to find yours or order conveniently online. Contact us today for help with ordering and to learn more about any of our items.



For those coming by or local  

Orchid plants: Cattleyas, oncidiums, paphs, dendrobiums, cymbidiums, species.  Check out our monthly specials!

Native and hardy orchids for outdoor landscaping (yes, some orchids do grow outside in Ohio.)

Orchid consulting: Trouble shooting, general advice and classes.  Call to register for classes.

Orchid repotting services: Your place or ours.   Your place, $28/hour, one person.  Additional person/s, $20/hr.  plus mileage

Over 70 years of in house  experience – thorough but FAST !       


Paph Prime Child ‘Roberts’ AM/AOS

Greenhouse (tropical orchids locally)


Cypripedium Regina


Cyp Manchrthos 




Cypripedium macranthos

SPIRANTHES cernua var. odorata

Cyp, Kentuckiense

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