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Plant Treatments

A variety of insecticides and chemicals to keep plants healthy



Enstar® AQ, a water-based formulation, features broad spectrum, long residual control of whiteflies, thrips, aphids,soft-bodied and armored scales, mealybugs, leaf miners, glassy-winged sharpshooters, and fungus gnats..

$175.00 Qt Bottle  highly concentrated bottle

Not stocked

Mavrik Aquaflow


A non-phytotoxic, water-based formulation, Mavrik Aquaflow contains tau-fluvalinate and can be applied to both indoor and outdoor crops. The fast-acting formula kills insects on contact or through ingestion. Qt   $159.95


Hot Pepper Wax –Contains Capsaicin, which makes insects not want to eat it.  Used for outdoor trees to repel deer and rodents.  Ready to use quart bottle with trigger sprayer $10.95   or pint of concentrate to mix yourself for $12.95.



Neem- A botanical pure oil from the Neem tree. Used as an insecticide for scale, white fly, mealy bugs and leaf miners.

$ $8.00 ½ pint,

$19.50 qt.,

$45.00 gal



Safe for use with children and pets.

NEEM OIL High Purity Cold pressed All Natural pest Control

Contains 100% neem oil. Azadrachtin content Min. 1500 ppm

Use: mix one 1 tsp neem oil with ¼ tsp dishwashing soap or similar product to 1 qt water.  Spray on all leaf surfaces and areas where insects hide. Repeat in 10 to 14 days as needed.  If product has solidified gently warm bottle in bowl of warm water to liquefy. Do not exceed 104F. Always test spray a new plant for sensitivity. See www.neemfoundation.org for more info.

Neem has been used for centuries to control fungus, insects, and slugs.



family  Physan -a safe proven fungicide, algaecide, and bactericide

8 oz $7.95,   pints $10.95,  45.95 gals  

1 lb.               3 lbs.                   







Phyton 27-


Phyton-27® is a systemic bacteriacide and fungicide labeled for a wide variety of ornamental plants, nursery crops and trees..  A must for large Phalenopsis growers ~1-10  dilution. Mot good for all orchids like dend

More info http://www.phyton27.com

$22.50 2 oz., out of stock


Phytech –50 All –natural plant wound paste for use when pruning or for damaged plants to prevent infection.  $9.50  per 18g. tube



Summit Spray OIl

Contact insecticide but safe for pets and the environment.

Makes 12.5 gals

$13.99 per 16oz. concentrate. (3# shipping)





The only snail/slug control product not based on metaldehyde.  It breaks down in the soil into fertilizer. Can be used around domestic animals and wildlife.  Also labeled for use in vegetable gardens... $10.00/ lb ship wt 2 lbs.


Slug Stop® - Slug and Snail Barrier This product will act as a barrier to a wide variety of slugs and snails and will give protection to lawns and gardens, greenhouses, outdoor ornamentals, vegetable gardens, fruits, berries and citrus trees.  Comes in squeezable tube.

$7.99 ship wt 1 lb.



Superthrive-over 50 vitamins & hormones in concentrated solution.  Use  1 drop or more per gallon of water. Use in addition to fertilizer. Helps overcome tramsplant shock in orchids, house plants, annuals, trees, and shrubs.

$6.98 2 oz.,   $4.95 1 oz.,  sold out




Whitefly/mealy bug/thrips sticky trap $4.99 ship wt 1lb

9 3x5 cards coated both sides with  3 holders to  mount them in and around your Easy to use and pesticide-free! The Sticky Whitefly Trap’s bright yellow color attracts feeding insects away from your plants, and the sticky Tangle-Trap coating traps them as they land.

Made locally

Whitefly/mealy bug/thrips  sticky trap 6x12 cards coated both sides

1 $2.50     5  $10.99  ship wt 2 lb

Out of stock

2-6-10 040




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