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Growing Aids




Fogg-It Nozzle – NOW  5 Types!

Waterfog (1/4 gpm) great for misting, makes a true “fog”

Superfine (½ gallon per minute);  good for hot days

fine (1 gpm) good for seedlings, newly planted lawns, annuals

low vol. (2 gpm);  general watering

heavy vol. (4 gpm) Heavier Watering)

above                   $14.50       shipping wt 1#

except ¼ gpm     $16.00       shipping wt 1#



Floral Thread, Green         Waxed     

                   $3.95   out          shipping wt 1#



Mini Dial Humidity Meter limited

Hose shut off;  New improved model

Timex TX1007 Suction Cup Wall Thermometer and Hygrometer

Out of stock

$ 16.95            ship wt. 1#




Green  daisy clips

Cymbidium clips

Snap clips


2-6-10 038


Small 7 for $1.00  out

12 for $1.00  500/$20.00

6 for $1.00 


Dragonfly  clips

Butterfly  clips

 Bumblebee clips




6/ $1.00   out

6/ $1.00    100/ $14.00     500/ $50.00

6/$1.00   100/ $14.00     

Out of stock

Clear & (Mix of colors limited)

 Mix of colors, Better for bigger stems


Lady bug clips

Pack of 24

For $8.50 

Shipping 1 lb

Limited stock

Decorative use only

Water resistant, not water proof.


Cymbidium clips





Siphon mixer 15-1 After several years of non availability it’s back 
brass $28.95  Out
 plastic  with external check valve $17.95 
shipping wt 1#
Dramm 10-22626 Syphonject Siphon Mixer



Not stocked


MixRite fertilizer injector is truly a water driven proportioning injector, no outside power supply needed. The MixRite 500 Series injectors are designed to operate from .09 to 11 GPM

Cyclone  This portable injector for greenhouses and inside growing This unit uses a polypropylene body injector with a Kynar metering block which has been used by over the world for 15 years. .


The MixRite’s are widely used for large operation

Starting at$300

The Cyclone is best for small greenhouse and home use & is more realiable than the old Siphon mixers


Email us with your needs

MixRite 500 Series Fertilizer Injector


  • A true hydraulically powered injector, no electricity is required 
  • A true proportioning injector, automatically adjusts the rate of injection to maintain the same fertilizer proportions


All of these kits contain a complete metering tip kit, pick up hose, strainer, ceramic weight and stainless hanger. The inlet and outlet fittings are brass GHT fittings




Quick Set Max/Min. Thermometers


$39.95             shipping wt 1#

Color and brand name may vary

Still like them better than the new electronic,

Mercury free






Thermalarm III Temperature alarm system for greenhouse with emergency chimer  (requires doorbell)   need to be ordered

$89.95               shipping wt 1#


Water Breakers;

400 full vol.; 170 (7½ gal) plastic  $5.25    @    shipping wt 1#

Red head (best spray head)    designed for 35PSI water pressure  

Yellow head for low pressure    designed for 20PSI water pressure              $17.95        ship wt 1#






Labels for markers

1 X 5”





5 x 1

vinyl wt preprinted


Cost ea.




Per 25




Shipping wt/25





Labels  for pencils  or markers

5/8 x 4”



5/8 x 5”


1 X 8”


Cost ea.




Per 25




Shipping wt/25





Laser labels. ½ x 8½ strap  labels 20 to a page works with most laser printers $1.95/ page



Pens, Pilot Permanent Marker


shipping wt 1#

Our tried a true pen

Top of Form

Sakura Identi-Pen

$2.89 shipping wt 1#  out

It has two tips, a fine fiber-tough point on one end, and an extra-fine plastic nib for details on the other.   Bottom of Form


Sakura Identi-Pen





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