I am finally putting tropical orchids on my web site.

This is by no means a complete list.  But it is a start.  

Plants will be shipped by next day UPS or express mail at cost weather permitting.

Click on types below

Cattleya species hybrids

Paph species hybrids

More coming in the next months

Our Award Photos

Paph W Stevenson ‘Red Nancy’ Hcc/AOS

Paph Prime Child ‘Roberts’ AM/AOS


Paph Petula’s Ghost’ Yvonne Roberts’ HCC/AOS

Paph Emilia Valiente Rivera ‘ Stella” HCC/AOS

Paph Black Ruby ‘Roberts’ HCC.AOS

Onc trilobum ‘ Nancy K’ HCC/AOS

Lc Julia Moore ‘Roberts’ HCC/AOS