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2022    36th  anniversary

Spring 2022 Cyp & hardy orchid list

Shipping on cyps closed some pick up avaiable

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Closed for inventoryCattleya  Oncidium  paphiopedilum

Others hardy orchids

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 Suppliers of orchid mixes, fir bark, New Zealand Bark , coconut husk chips, cork, tree fern, coir, wire supports, wire hangers. Orchid pots, orchid baskets, granulated charcoal, horticultural charcoal.  sponge roc perlite, New Zealand long fiber sphagnum moss, South American Moss plant lights, fertilizer, pesticides, humidity trays, fungicides, Neem Oil  greenhouse material, Cypripediums, cyp. hybrids & other native orchids

We also welcome our bonsai, frog breeders and just plain plant lovers who have found us.

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Orchid plants: Cattleyas, oncidiums, paphs, dendrobiums, cymbidiums, species. 

Native and hardy orchids for outdoor landscaping (yes, many orchids do grow outside in every state.)

Orchid consulting: Trouble shooting, general advice.

Over 98 years of in house  combined experience!


Paph Prime Child ‘Roberts’ AM/AOS

Greenhouse (tropical orchids locally)


Cypripedium Kentuckiense Roberts AM/AOS

Bred by us

Laelia purpurata