We are a family owned business, operated from our home, greenhouse, and storage facilities.  All our media is mixed and packaged by us. Our goal is to provide you with quality supplies and prompt service at a reasonable price.  Realizing that shipping costs are a major expense, we package your order in the manner that will cost the least, without sacrificing the safe and undamaged delivery of the contents.  If your order arrives damaged or is otherwise unsatisfactory, please call us so we can assist you.  If you’d like to pick up an order, or purchase an orchid plant, please call or e-mail us to arrange an appt.  Evenings and weekends are almost always available, unless we are at an orchid show.  If you know that we will be in town for a show, call us and we will bring breakables (clay pots) or large items (2 cu ft. or more) for a delivery charge of 15% to cover the expense.  Hope to meet you in person at an orchid show near you! 


Shows for 2013  (tentative) We may be at other shows also. For open house and plant sales please call.

Grand Rapids MI

St Lois orchid Soc

Cleveland Orchid soc & Cleveland botanical garden   OH

Lancing Orchid Soc

Akron OH

West Shore Strongsville OH     

Pittsburgh PA

Detroit MI

2013 Mid America Ann Arbor Orchid soc

Erie PA

2013 Mid America Dayton Ohio

Pittsburgh fall orchid festival 

Midland  MI


Open house (cyps)                                      

Winter Plant sale          


Talks Available All  talks updated 2013

POTTING MATERIALS. The history and future potting materials for orchids, what additives are there and why they are used. A hands on talk.


CYPRIPEDIUMS and/or Native American orchids.  I have been growing Cypripediums for over 25 years in my yard and in pots.  I presently have all the American species, 20 Asian, and many hybrids.  A power point presentation  (an old slide program is still available but not totally updated.)


GROWING UNDER LIGHTS: A hands on talk covering different lights, light spectrums, good plants to grow under what light, and special culture conditions.

A power point presentation  & Hands on


NON LETHAL PEST AND FUNGUS CONTROL; Predators and new safer insecticides and fungicides for the home use. A power point presentation.


Dendrobiums A cross sectional look of this large group of plant concentrating on types and culture,


Cost of any talk: $100 plus transportation cost of 53 cents/mile, round trip, and motel cost when necessary due to time of meeting and/or distance. 

We require a non compete when coming to give talks at meetings.


Bulk club orders

In conjunction with giving a talk, we can bring along your society orders of supplies in our new 14 ft. box truck.  We will credit your society for 15% of the value of your orders, up to the entire cost of us coming to give the talk.  If enough people order enough items, the talk can be FREE! ( Example:  $1000 in orders will give your society $150 credit towards the transportation costs.) Everyone benefits by saving on shipping costs, and being able to purchase items we normally do not bring to shows, such as 4 cu ft Sponge Rok, 50 lb. charcoal, 2 cu ft mixes and bark, coconut chip bales, clay orchid pots, and so on.. Societies that are close in physical proximity and in meeting days may share the costs to make it even better.  Call for further details and/or catalogs.  Many societies who have done this so far are planning on doing it on a biennial basis. 


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We are 41/2 miles off  Ohio pike ,5 miles off I-480, 8 miles off I-71 just call ahead. Plants available at greenhouse.